Model History
964 RS 3.8 & RSR 3.8

ModelTypeEngine TypeEngine SizeHP RatingTrans TypeGears
964 RS 3.8964-370/371M64/043.8 Litre300G50/105 Man
964 RSR 3.8964-370M64/043.8 Litre325 to 350 MaxG50/105 Man

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RS 3.8

In 1993 Porsche released an even more extreme version of its Type 964 Carrera RS. While the RS of 1992 was relatively restrained in appearance, the 3.8-litre version featured the same wide-body look of the Type 964 Turbo, with the addition of a large rear wing, which was adjustable for different downforce levels. The new wide body version included larger three-piece Speedline wheels and 3.8 litre engine with increased power output. Only 55 examples of this exceptionally rare RS 3.8 were eventually built. 52 LHD and 3 RHD. The very first examples of this new 3.8-litre engined Carrera RS went into production during April of 1993 and the bulk of the cars were produced between September of 1993 and March the next year. Very much in the same vein as the 3.6-litre RS, the 3.8 was a homologation special with a very limited production. 

Porsche may well have played down the extent of development between the 3.6 and 3.8-litre engines, but it was in reality, a thoroughly re-worked powerplant. The engine type number was designated Type M64/04 with a specific displacement of 3746cc thanks to a bore and stroke of 102mm (up from 100mm) and 76.4mm respectively. Output also increased to 300bhp at 6500rpm with compression set lower than on the 3.6-litre 964, at 11.0:1 (down from 11.3:1) and a new Bosch Motronic 2.10 digital injection/ignition. In addition to these changes, Porsche fitted a new crankcase, new matched cylinders and pistons together with thoroughly revised inlet and exhaust manifolds. Performance of the 3.8 RS was quite exceptional, top speed now rising to 171mph and the zero to sixty sprint possible in just 4.8 seconds.

The total weight for the wide body model 3.8 RS is only 1210kg with lightweight thin glass, aluminum bonnet and doors, and composite rear engine cover / wing.

RSR 3.8

Porsche’s intention right from the start was to develop a customer racing car that was capable of competing in not just national racing events, but the major international race series that existed at the time. In order to homologate the new car to comply with the FIA regulations they had to build at least 100 cars, which was achieved by the combined production numbers of the road going RS 3.8 and the RSR itself.

The RSR 3.8 could be ordered with different exhaust setups and inlet restrictor designs in order to meet the various race series technical regulations of the time. This included compliance with the technical regulations for the ADAC GT Cup, the BPR series and a number of major international endurance events such as the 24hr races at the Nurburgring, Spa-Francorchamps, Daytona, and of course Le Mans.

Straight out of the box the new Porsche RSR 3.8 won the Spa 24hrs outright, the Nurburgring 24hrs, the Interlagos 1000km outright and took class wins at Le Mans 24hr, the 1000km of Suzuka, and the 12hrs of Sebring. Together with the 3.6RS and the Turbo S Le Mans GT, Porsche won either class or outright wins in every major world endurance race of 1993. This was a first for Porsche and for GT racing. At its North American debut in 1994 the RSR 3.8 took the first four places in its class and was 3rd overall at the 24hrs of Daytona and again won its class and was 5th overall at the 12hrs of Sebring a few weeks later.

A truly remarkable and successful race car by anyone’s standards.

Including the prototype a total of 51 RSR 3.8 cars were eventually built. They were supplied direct from the factory as turnkey race cars complete with a fully welded roll cage, single Recaro racing seat, six-point harness, fire-extinguishing system, safety fuel cell, racing clutch and aluminium bonnet and doors. Wheels were three piece 18” Speedlines with 9.5″ front and 11.4″ rear with Pirelli 18″ race slicks. All suspension joints were uniball joints with Bilstein racing shocks and cockpit adjustable anti-roll bars. Brakes are directly from the 964 911 Turbo S but with a motorsport tuned ABS system with faster pulsing cycles.

Model TypeLeft Hand DriveRight Hand DriveTotals
RS 3.852355
RSR 3.850151