Model History
993 RS

The 993 model Carrera RS was introduced in late 1995 as a ’96 model year car, and represented the ultimate air cooled version of the iconic 911 at that time.

ModelTypeEngine TypeEngine SizeHP RatingTrans TypeGears
993 RS993-370/371M64/203.8 Litre300G50/326 Man

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The 993 model Carrera RS was introduced in late 1995 as a ’96 model year car, and represented the ultimate air cooled version of the iconic 911 at that time. Featuring the famous naturally aspirated flat 6 3.8 litre engine, it produced 300bhp and covered 0-100mph in just 11.2 seconds. It looked and handled superbly with a non-retractable lightweight rear spoiler, split rim 3 piece 18 inch racing wheels and side sill trim panels. The modifications to the front of the body in conjunction with the wing and lower ride height, not only created the distinctive aggressive look, but also reduced the aerodynamic lift to almost zero. It was street legal in Europe and many other countries around the world, but was never approved for export to the United States.

The 993 version of the Carrera RS was produced in 2 main types. The ‘Basic’ version (M002) and the ‘Clubsport’ version (M003). The basic version is a strict two-seater registered for road use. All comfort and convenience components were removed as standard in order to reduce the weight as much as possible. However there was a standard set of check box options, which allowed some creature comforts to be added back in; such as air-conditioning, electric windows, air bags and comfort sport seats. In our experience the larger percentage of cars were specified with air-con, electric windows and air bags. It’s actually quite rare to find a very standard ‘Basic’ M002 car with manual windows, no air bags and no air-con, which would represent the purest form of the 993 RS.

Other than the comfort options that could be specified, the interior treatment included the similar weight saving interior as its 964 predecessor with no rear seats, basic door cards and pull strap for exit, no sound proofing and special racing Recaro bucket seats. An even bigger rear wing and a roll cage were other factory options available. The RS weight was brought down by an effective weight loss of 100 kilograms to a svelte 1,280 kilograms.

Only 1104 examples (nearly all left hand drive) were made to satisfy worldwide demand and it’s now legendary status mean this is one of the most collectable 911’s of all time.

Of the 1,104 examples built there were 213 ‘Clubsport’ (M003) versions made, 190 left-hand drive and 23 right-hand drive. The Clubsport was based on the Carrera Cup competition car and specifically conceived as a homologation special in a great enough quantity (at least 50 units) to qualify it for the BPR GT3 and GT4 categories as the RSR 3.8. The Clubsport version (M003), which could be registered for road use in some countries, features additional safety equipment for motorsports use, including a full welded roll cage, suspension strut brace as standard, nomex bucket seats with six-point harness belts, battery isolator switch and a fire extinguisher. The modified front spoiler and large adjustable rear wing combine low wind resistance with high downforce. The interior has no carpet trim or headlining and is painted in body colour. The engine and running gear are identical to the ‘Basic’ version with the exception of having a lighter single mass flywheel.

The 993 RS 3.8 engine, the Type M64/20, was fitted with Porsche’s innovative Varioram variable-length intake system, and with 11.6:1 compression, it produced a very healthy 300 brake horsepower at 6,500 rpm (with a 7,100 rpm limit) and 262 foot-pounds of torque at 5,400 rpm. The 3.8 boasted newly designed forged pistons of reduced height and a relocated wrist-pin, both of which helped keep piston weight below that of the base motor. Its power is delivered through a Type G50/31 six-speed manual transmission, with its gearing optimised for acceleration rather than top speed.

Model TypeLeft Hand DriveRight Hand DriveTotals
Basic (M002)779112891