Model History
993 GT2 (Race)

The 993 GT was initially built in order to meet homologation requirements for GT2 class racing.

ModelTypeEngine TypeEngine SizeBHP RatingTrans TypeGears
993 GT2 R (1996)993-380M64/813600cc465G50/546 Man
993 GT2 Evo (1996)993-380M64/833600cc600G50/806 Man
993 GT2 R (1997)993-380M64/813600cc465G50/546 Man
993 GT2 Evo (1997)993-380M64/833600cc600G50/806 Man
993 GT2 R (1998)993-380M64/823600cc485G50/546 Man

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The 993 GT2 Race version was developed to provide a customer race car to compete in the new emerging GT championships, such as the BPR Championship. Technically the 993 GT2 never received the name GT2 officially, but became known as the GT2 by virtue of the class it competed in. The model designation on the rear engine lid was simply 911 GT as per the road version. However the technical documentation and manuals provided with the cars was indeed referenced as 911 GT2 R. For the very limited 9 cars built for the GT1 class the technical documents and manuals refer to it as the 911 GT2 Evolution, or ‘Evo’ for short.

The 993 GT2 R differed from the Road version in many ways. For a start point it was based on a weight-optimized bodyshell, which was further modified during the production life for the 3 main batches of cars built, to further reduce weight whilst also increasing stiffness. The total production of 78 race cars was generally delivered in 3 main batches of model year. 49 cars were built as model year 1996 and were actually all built on the production line at Zuffenhausen. Due to issues with capacity on the production line the 2 further batches of cars built for model year 1997 (16 cars) and 1998 (13 cars) were more bespoke hand built cars at the racing department Weissach. IMPORTANT: Due to this deviation in production phases the actual VIN number stampings in the cars are VERY different for the Zuffenhausen built cars compared with the Weissach built cars. We have detailed scans and photographs of how correct VIN stampings should look for the different production batches of cars and are able to provide a level of authentication for this.

As mentioned above the GT2 R body shell evolved over the 3 model years of production and we have detailed knowledge of what the 3 specific model year bodyshells should look like if correct. You might be surprised to know there are over 20 detailed bodyshell changes between the original batch of GT2 R built at Zuffenhausen and the final 1998 model year body shell cars. These vary from further reduction of metal work to reduce weight, to additional seam welding and additional brackets for stiffness. Plus changes to accommodate better cooling, or re-positioning of certain components.


WP0ZZZ99ZTS393061 to WP0ZZZ99ZTS393102 42 x GT2 R 1996 Model Year Cars.

WP0ZZZ99ZTS393103 to WP0ZZZ99ZTS393105 3 x GT2 Evo 1996 Model Year Cars.

WP0ZZZ99ZTS393106 to WP0ZZZ99ZTS393109 4 x GT2 R 1996 Model Year Cars.

WP0ZZZ99ZTS394061 to WP0ZZZ99ZTS394066 6 x GT2 Evo 1997 Model Year Cars.

WP0ZZZ99ZTS394067 to WP0ZZZ99ZTS394076 10 x GT2 R 1997 Model Year Cars.

WP0ZZZ99ZWS393001 to WP0ZZZ99ZWS393013 13 x GT2 R 1998 Model Year Cars.

Click the link below for full VIN list details of all 993 GT2 R / Evo made.

Model Type199619971998Totals
993 GT2 R46101369
993 GT2 Evo369